Why do most people plan to sell their business?

  • Need the money
  • Free up time
  • Business has declined
  • Burned out
  • Personal reasons (divorce, medical, new job)

I’m considering the reasons above for why I’m going to be departing from my job.

My reasons are primarily burn out and to free up time.

As long as I stay disciplined and stick to the plan I develop I find it acceptable to take a calculated and earned risk that could end up being a smart personal and career move.

The downside is I could quit my job and then fail to achieve my business goals, which could cause a lapse in employment, depression, and pressure to jump back into a job that I dislike even more than the one I have now.

To specify my goal, I’d like to grow the content sites I currently own to net me $4,000+ a month by January 2020 so I can leave my day job and focus full time on my portfolio.

Date of goal: June 14, 2019