Hi there!

As the title of this post and the name of the site indicate, I’ll be leaving my job in 6.5 – 8 months and I’m going to document how I’m going to get there.

The reason I want to leave my job is that it takes up way too much of my time, my knowledge at the company is plateauing, and I’m unable to pursue my true interests in entrepreneurship because it’s against the company’s policies (and I don’t have the time…).

I plan on leaving the job and developing my own business…which is essentially a bunch of mini-businesses.

The mini-businesses are a portfolio of websites that make money a few different ways by using programs like Amazon Associates, Google Adsense, and other affiliate and display ad networks.

I’ve been in this space already since about 2014, but have done a variety of roles or jobs where I’ve been working for a company or for someone else. And although there have never been any bad experiences or horror stories with employers, I always feel restricted, bored, and frustrated when I’m not running my own business.

So that’s why I plan on quitting!

I’m writing this in mid-June 2019 and would like to leave my job between January – March 2020.

The main reasons for the timing revolve around work commitments and preparing for my exit.

This site will help me set exit planning goals and benchmarks and document my progress to hold myself accountable.

Will I hit my goals and quit my job or will I fade off into the abyss after two and half weeks and never write on this site again?

Goal of the site:

  • Track monthly progress with sites and show income reports
  • Connect with other people in the digital marketing space or on a similar journey
  • Keep a personal daily/weekly blog to keep track of what I’ve been doing to grow the sites, network, and any thoughts crossing my mind